Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Brings Back the Hong Kong Golden Goose at Lung Hin Restaurant

Hong Kong Golden Goose at Lung Hin Restaurant Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Hotel

Now on its second year, Lung Hin Restaurant at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila offers its guests to once again enjoy the authentic taste of the Hong Kong Roast Goose (香港烧鹅). Returning to Manila is Chef Billy Cheong who will be working with the culinary team of Lung Hin to prepare this Cantonese specialty roast goose dish.

Lung Hin | Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

The Hong Kong Golden Goose is available on the menu as an a la carte item, selling for as low as P1,860.00 for a quarter portion, P3,388 for a half portion and P6,488 for a whole portion. Lung Hin has also prepared a special Set Menu consisting of eight dishes including the Hong Kong Golden Goose. The set menu costs P12,500 and is already good for five persons.

We recently had an intimate lunch at Lung Hin to sample the set menu. In keeping with traditional Chinese dining, we had all the dishes served on our table. I started off with dimsum. The Steamed Vegetarian Pink Dumplings had a crunchy filling and tasted very light. The Steamed Pork Siu Mai with Truffle Sauce was plump and firm, with a flavorful pork taste with a delicate earthy aftertaste from the truffle sauce.

While enjoying our dimsum, the restaurant staff portioned our Fried Rice with Dried Shrimps, Wild Rice, Sweet Corn and Diced Mushroom as well as the Braised Seafood with Peach Gel Soup. If you love spicy food, I recommend mixing one teaspoon of the chili paste into your rice and soup. It was mildly spicy and had a sweet aftertaste.

While it was still hot, we immediately tried the Hong Kong Golden Goose. Consistent with its promise, the roast goose meat was tender while the skin was crispy. In between was a thin layer of gelatinous fat. The roast goose is best enjoyed when dipped in plum sauce. At the base of the platter was the rich broth containing all the flavors of the goose. Pour this over steamed rice and enjoy.

One of my favorite Cantonese dishes is the Steamed Garoupa with Shredded Pork and Dried Mandarin Orange Peel in Black Bean Sauce. While it looks like a lot of ingredients were added in this dish, the natural taste of the fish was maintained. Ingredients such as the dried mandarin orange peel and black bean sauce only enhances the natural taste of the fish. As always, Lung Hin uses the freshest garoupa to keep the high quality of the dish. The dish was perfectly steamed with the meat firm yet easy to remove from the bones.

With a guarantee that Lung Hin only uses the freshest and top quality seafood, it is one of the very few places where I eat crab. The set menu included Pan-Fried Crab with Pork Belly in Supreme Soy Sauce. The crab meat easily detaches from the shell, making it very easy to eat even with just chopsticks. This is also the best indication that the crab used in the dish was fresh. Again, you get to enjoy the natural taste of the crab with the sauce only enhancing the flavors.

Another non-seafood dish in the set menu was the Wok-Fried Diced Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Homemade Style. Perhaps you noticed the dried chili in the dish. Worry not because this dish is not spicy at all. They were just added to enhance the aroma and color of the dish. The dish maintained the fresh and natural taste of the chicken and the vegetables while the texture had a beautiful balanced of firmness, chewiness and crunchiness.

We ended our meal with Chilled Mango and Coconut Jelly. Chinese meals typically ends with a platter of fresh fruits, but in Cantonese fine dining like this one at Lung Hin, fruits are incorporated in desserts. This jelly dessert includes the refreshing taste of mango which is balanced by the creamy taste of the coconut milk.

Earl Grape Iced Tea | Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Cantonese fine dining is best paired with hot tea and Lung Hin has an assortment of premium tea to choose from. Our top favorite is the Oolong tea. If you prefer cold beverage, I highly recommend their signature Earl Grape Iced Tea.

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The Hong Kong Golden Goose and the special Set Meal will be available at Lung Hin starting from 12 November 2018. If you are planning a weekend staycation at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, dining at Lung Hin is highly recommended, especially for families celebrating special occasions. The Deluxe Suite is also the best choice to enjoy a luxurious stay at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

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