April 15, 2017

The Valley Wing at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The Valley Wing is one of the three distinctive wings which comprise Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. Among the three wings, the Valley Wing is the most luxurious and most exclusive, making it the accommodation of choice of head of states, top executives, Hollywood stars, and luxury travelers. Some of its esteemed guests include President Barack Obama of the United States and President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.

While the other two wings, the Tower Wing and Garden Wing, share a common entrance lobby, the Valley Wing has its own private driveway and lobby, giving as sense of a hotel within a hotel. As soon as you step out of the car, you will already feel the gracious hospitality Shangri-La is known for. Welcoming me at the Valley Wing were Hashim (left) and Chandra (right).

Entering the lobby, the signature Shangri-La fragrance will make feel like coming home. Chandra helped me with my bags and led me to the front desk. My check-in was handled by no less than the very cheerful Valley Wing Manager Ms. Nora Ghazali. After giving my passport to Ms. Nora, I just had to electronically sign the registration form and check-in was done.

Champagne Bar | The Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore


Staying at the Valley Wing comes with exclusive privileges reserved only to Valley Wing guests. I arrived at the hotel right on time for the Complimentary Afternoon Tea service. Ms. Nora had by bags sent to my room while a Champagne Bar attendant assisted me to the seating area and had my afternoon tea served in no time.

Unlimited servings of Perrier-Jou√ęt Grand Brut as well as other selections of wines and cocktails are also available from 11:00 am until evening. By 5:30 pm, Complimentary Champagne and Cocktails will also be served at the Champagne Bar, together with a buffet of cheeses, charcuterie, breads and fresh fruits. The menus for the afternoon tea and the evening cocktails were designed by Chef Christophe Moret of the two Michelin starred restaurant L’Abeille of Shangri-La Hotel Paris.

The Valley Wing has its own elevator which can only be operated using electronic key cards issued to Valley Wing guests. Stepping into the elevator, I immediately noticed that the carpet tells you the day of the week, which is very useful especially when you are on a holiday.

The Valley Wing has a total of 131 elegantly furnished guestrooms and suites which are divided into five categories.

Valley Wing Guest Rooms
Deluxe Room
Valley Wing Suites
One-Bedroom Suite
Deluxe Suite
Singapore Suite
Shangri-La Suite


During my recent trip to Singapore, I spent my last day in the city at no less than the Valley Wing of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. I decided to book the Valley Wing One-Bedroom Suite. It measures 85 square meters with a separate bedroom and living room, a marble-clad bathroom with soaktub, and separate water closet and walk-in shower.

Please note that starting April 1, 2017, the Valley Wing will be charging an occupancy fee of SGD 80.0 (subject to 7% GST and 10% service charge) for every child above two years old who will be occupying the same Valley Wing Deluxe Room as the parents. Payment will be collected upon arrival.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore has a common swimming pool that can be enjoyed by guests from all the three towers. During weekdays, the swimming pool is not as crowded as it is during weekends when the hotel is packed with tourists.

The swimming pool is located near the Garden Wing. So, if a swimming pool is a big factor in your hotel stay, I suggest that you stay at the Garden Wing instead. I am personally not a fan of swimming pools and would prefer a relaxing warm bath over an outdoor swimming pool.

The Summit Room | The Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

An overnight stay at the Valley Wing includes complimentary breakfast for two persons at the Summit Room. The Summit Room, which is located on the ground floor of the Valley Wing next to the lobby, is only open during breakfast.


The Buffet Breakfast at the Summit Room includes a wide selection of viennoiserie, breads, charcuterie, premium cheeses, fresh fruits, salads cereals and yogurts. Eggs, pancakes and other warm dishes are available in the a la carte breakfast menu.

Similar to the afternoon tea and the canape menu of Champagne Bar, the a la carte breakfast menu of the Summit Room was also designed by Chef Christophe Moret of the two Michelin starred restaurant L’Abeille of Shangri-La Hotel Paris. Breakfast at Summit Room is exclusive for Valley Wing guests. Horizon Club guests can enjoy their breakfast at the Horizon Club Lounge located at the Tower Wing.

What I love about Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is the abundance of green spaces within the property. Right in front of the Valley Wing is an expansive lawn with towering palm trees and landscaped gardens. It is amazing that a city as progressive as Singapore has these patches of green everywhere.

The Orchid | Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

I actually planned to visit the Singapore Botanical Garden but I am happy to find what was refered to as Singapore's second Botanical Garden right inside the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore property. Perhaps the highlight of the garden is the seven-meter tall open-air orchid greenhouse sculpture called The Orchid which houses around 600 orchids.

The Orchid | Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

While the Valley Wing appeals to heads of states and top executives, the Valley Wing is also ideal for leisure travelers with a discerning taste for luxury accommodation and for staycationers who value personalized service and would pay a premium for good quality sleep.

The Valley Wing indeed overflows with luxury and that is true from the moment you step into the hotel, to the time you board your car and say goodbye to the property. A trip to Singapore will definitely be not the same without staying at the Valley Wing of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

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