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MetroStaycation.com is the leading online publication in the Philippines specializing in hotels. We feature properties in the Philippines and around the Asia-Pacific region, with a strong focus on hotel room features, executive lounges, hotel dining, leisure activities, and loyalty programs. We are also an aggregator of the latest hospitality news in the Asia-Pacific region.

► Online Reach

Our readers are located in countries with a significant number of English-speakers such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, United States and Canada. Two-thirds of our traffic originate from our regular readers while a quarter come from our social media pages, mainly from Facebook. The remainder is traffic generated from online searches. In the Second Quarter of 2019, we received about 12,000 average page views per month.

► Key Focus Areas

  • Room Features - The room, being the main product of a hotel, is the primary focus area of our articles. This is where hotel guests spend most of their time, and the room features and amenities define the overall quality of the guests' hotel stay. In our feature articles, we provide our readers with an in-depth description of the accommodation, and we aim to cover every aspect of the guests' needs, starting from design, to technology and connectivity features of the room, to the bathroom features, and most importantly, to the bed quality.
  • Executive Lounge - This is a hotel feature that is very important to independent business travelers as most of their business and casual meetings are held at the executive lounge. This segment of our articles details the business services and amenities available to Executive Lounge guests.
  • Dining Options - This topic is most important to business travelers and staycationers who will most likely dine in-house or order in-room service during their stay.
  • Leisure & Wellness Amenities - Amenities for relaxation and well-being are important considerations for jetsetting business travelers and weekend staycationers. After all, we all want to feel rejuvenated and energized to welcome a new week at the workplace.
  • Location & Transportation - Arriving in a foreign country with a luggage containing two-weeks worth of clothes plus a laptop bag can be troublesome for most business and leisure travelers, that is why location is very important when picking a hotel. Let us walk you through the most convenient, economical and efficient way to reach your hotel from the airport and from the hotel to various attractions in the city.
  • Loyalty Program - Do you have a favorite hotel brand? Join the hotel's loyalty program and be rewarded with exclusive discounts and upgrades on your next stay. Check-out our insider tips on how you can maximize your Loyalty Program benefits.

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