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MetroStaycation.com is an online publication that features midscale, premium, and luxury hotels in the Asia-Pacific region. Our feature articles focus on hotel accommodations, hotel facilities, hotel dining, and hotel loyalty programs. We are also an aggregator of the latest hospitality news in the Asia-Pacific region.

► Online Reach

Our readers are mainly located in Asia-Pacific, specifically in territories such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and the Philippines. We also have significant readership in the United States, Canada, and Great Brittain.

About 60% of our traffic originates from our regular readers while 30% of our traffic is generated from Google searches. The remaining 10% comes from our social media posts. In the Fourth Quarter of 2019, we received an average of 13,500 page views per month.

► Key Focus Areas

  • Room Features - We publish detailed feature articles on hotel rooms and suites with the aim of helping travelers to choose the accommodation that matches their taste and requirements.
  • Executive Lounge - We list down the exclusive benefits that executive lounge guests can enjoy during their stay. These features also cover in detail the breakfast benefit offered by an executive lounge.
  • Dining Options - We exclusively feature restaurants and bars located in a hotel. We also publish detailed features on breakfast buffets.
  • Loyalty Program - We highlight the exclusive benefits which loyalty program members can enjoy during their stay in a hotel. We also include insider tips on how members can maximize their loyalty program benefits.

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Email: metrostaycation@gmail.com