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MetroStaycation.com is an online publication that showcases hotels and resorts in the Asia-Pacific region, including leisure activities, upscale dining spots and bespoke local experiences associated with hotel stays. It is also an aggregator of news and updates about the latest trends in the hospitality industry as well as a listing of the latest hotel stay and dining offers from top luxury hotel and resort brands in the region.

► Online Reach

Our readers are located in countries with a significant number of English-speakers such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, United States and Canada. Two-thirds of our traffic originate from our regular readers while a quarter come from our social media pages, mainly from Facebook. The remainder is traffic generated from online searches. In the Second Quarter of 2019, we received about 12,000 average page views per month.

► Key Focus Areas

  • Room Features - The room is where a hotel guest spends most of his or her time, and the room features and amenities define the overall quality of the hotel stay. In our articles, we provide our readers with an in-depth description of a hotel room or suite, including the quality of the bed, the technology and connectivity features of the room, the work station, the bathroom features and the bath amenities.
  • Club Lounge - This is a hotel feature that is very important to independent business travelers as most of their business and casual meetings are held at the exclusive club lounge. This segment of our articles details the business services and amenities available to Club Lounge guests.
  • Dining Options - This topic is most important to business travelers and staycationers who will most likely dine in-house or order in-room service during their stay.
  • MICE Amenities - When writing our articles, we also take into consideration small business groups who would consider both accommodation and meeting venues. We recognize that the success of meetings relies on the quality of sleep of its participants.
  • Leisure & Wellness Amenities - Amenities for relaxation and well-being are important considerations for jetsetting business travelers and weekend staycationers. After all, we all want to feel rejuvenated and energized to welcome a new week at the workplace.
  • Location & Transportation - Arriving in a foreign country with a luggage containing two-weeks worth of clothes plus a laptop bag can be troublesome for most business and leisure travelers, that is why location is very important when picking a hotel. Let us walk you through the most convenient, economical and efficient way to reach your hotel from the airport and from the hotel to various attractions in the city.
  • Loyalty Program - Do you have a favorite hotel brand? Join the hotel's loyalty program and be rewarded with exclusive discounts and upgrades on your next stay. Check-out our insider tips on how you can maximize your Loyalty Program benefits.

► Target Audience Groups

  • Business Travelers - These are employees of Fortune 500 companies who travel frequently to key cities around the world. Business Travelers normally ask hotel recommendations from colleagues while the tech savvy group include online research when choosing a hotel. Business Travelers are most likely to stay in the same hotel which is conveniently located near convention centers, their local office or client office. Companies provide business travelers with a per diem ranging from USD$50-$75. This covers lunch, snacks and dinner. Business travelers have little time for breakfast, eats out for lunch and will most likely order in-room service for dinner. As such, they are most likely to enroll in loyalty programs as it is easier for them to reach higher member status and unlock premium member benefits.
  • Young Couples & Families - This group are young couples aged 30 to 40, with disposable income and who would travel over the weekend in nearby cities and destinations. With young children to raise, this group would choose a mid-scale and child-friendly hotel. This group is also price sensitive and would consider greater value from their budget. This group is tech savvy and relies mainly on online research including Trip Advisor reviews and blogs. Interest in a hotel may be triggered by photos on Instagram, but reading personal reviews would be the deciding factor for this group. Having small children, this group does not travel long distances and will most likely just stay in city hotels for weekend staycations, enjoy the hotel's amenities and order room service.
  • High-Spending Millennials - Mostly coming from Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, China and Singapore, these social media savvy millennials are in the look-out for the hippest and newest hotels. Usually travelling as a small group, they spend heavily on drinks and would prefer rooms with a spectacular view.
  • Executive-level Business and Leisure Travelers - Brand matters for this group, as brand is always associated with status. This group are aged 40 and above and earns about 35% to 50% higher than the average hotel guest. This group includes business travelers who hold Executive-level positions in their companies. This group would also spend more on their personal leisure trips (to differentiate a more special leisure travel from an ordinary business trip). They are also members of loyalty programs who earned higher member status as business travelers, and enjoy the same status benefits as leisure travelers. They will most likely stay in a resort with the same brand as the city hotel they stayed in as business travelers.

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