Homestyle Chinese Dishes at Xin Tian Di

Xin Tian Di, the premier Chinese restaurant of Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria (Philippines) rolled-out eight dishes as part of its Homestyle Chinese Dishes menu. Available only until June 30, 2016, these dishes are described by the hotel's Executive Chinese Chef Peter Yeung as simple dishes with comforting taste.

During a recent visit to our friends at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, we were able to sample some of the dishes included in the menu in a family style dining setup. We started with the Pan-fried Pancake with Shredded Beef Fillet & Sweet Potato (P360.00/US$7.80). The crust was fried to golden brown, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The filling was lightly savory and had a perfect balance of flavors. We enjoyed it with the sauce served on the side.

We then sampled the Homemade Dumpling with Fish Maw & Bok Choy Soup (P450.00/US$9.70) which has a very light tasting broth with dumplings that were chunky and full of meat filling. The fish maw also captured our interest. Although it is part of a fish, it didn't taste like fish at all. The bok choy was not overcooked and retained its flavor and texture. The soup is served with roasted garlic and fresh green onions on the side.

Next dish served was the Deep-fried Stuffed Crab Shell with Taro Crust (P250.00/US$5.40) which had a generous stuffing of crab meat. The taro crust added a little sweetness to the dish which balanced well with the natural salty flavor of the crab. Another dish we sampled was the Oven-baked Fried Bread Stick & Salmon Fillet with Egg (P470.00/US$10.20). I enjoyed every scoop of it because of the tastiness and sweetness of the salmon. The egg added creaminess to the dish and enhanced the flavor of the fish.

Finally for dessert, Chef Peter has us try one of the zongzi (bakcang or machang) which will be offered by Xin Tian Di for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. The zongzi served to us was made with organic brown rice and is served with candied ginseng, sugar syrup and red dates. It was made more delicious by drizzling it with coconut milk.

So if you are on a Staycation at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria or any other hotels in Ortigas Center, do drop by Xin Tian Di and have a taste of their homestyle Chinese dishes. For reservations, call +63 (02) 633-7222 or email them at

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