Lobster & Seafood Shack Buffet at Circles Event Café, Makati Shangri-La Manila

Circles Event Café is the all-day buffet and a la carte dining restaurant of Makati Shangri-La Manila (Philippines). The restaurant uses premium quality ingredients in their extensive selection of dishes including Japanese, Italian, Indian, Filipino and Chinese. Coupled with the gracious Shangri-La customer service, the overall dining experience makes Circles Event Café one of the best upscale buffet restaurants in Metro Manila.

Grand Lobby | Makati Shangri-La Manila

Just recently, Makati Shangri-La Manila introduced the Lobster & Seafood Shack, a buffet dining offering at Circles Event Cafe featuring a wide selection of fresh and chilled crustaceans, shellfishes and whole fishes which guests can have cooked in any way they prefer.

Chilled Seafood Station | Circles Event Cafe (Makati Shangri-La Manila)

What used to be the Appetizers Station displaying salads, breads, cheeses, cold cuts and various hors d'oeuvres is now the Chilled Seafood Station showcasing different varieties of chilled lobsters, crabs, prawns, clams, mussels and oysters on ice.

Fresh Seafood Station | Circles Event Cafe (Makati Shangri-La Manila)

Next to the Grilling Station is the new Fresh Seafood Station where guests can choose from a variety of fresh fishes, whole or sliced, as well as scallops, squids, and lobsters. Here's a closer look at the two seafood stations. Note however that variety may change depending on the available supply

Halved Lobsters & Lobster Claws

Halved Curacha (Spanner Crab)

Blue Crabs

Stone Crab Claws

Large Clams

Regular Clams


Tiger Prawns

No need to panic because the seafood stations are constantly refilled, but just in case a certain item is not refilled soon enough, just approach any of the restaurant staff or chefs and tell them what you are looking for.

Chilled Seafoods are already cooked and are kept chilled by placing them on shaved ice. Chilled seafoods are meant to be consumed cold, but if you prefer your food warm, you can have them quickly heated on the grill. Fresh seafood on the hand needs to be cooked first prior to consumption.

After you have chosen your seafood items, just hand your plate to any restaurant staff (look for the ones wearing a navy costume) and tell them how you want your seafood cooked, your choice of sauce and provide them with your name and table number.

Sashimi, Sushi and Maki

And talking about seafood, Filipinos will definitely check out the Japanese Station. Circles Event Cafe has a very wide variety of sashimi, sushi, maki and tempura.

Fresh Oysters

One of the crowd favorites are the oysters which are freshly opened at the Chilled Seafood Station. You can either eat the oysters fresh and drizzled with lemon juice, or you can have them baked with butter, garlic and cheese.

Fresh Oysters with Lemon

You can also be adventurous by mixing and matching items from the buffet. Below is my Spaghetti alle Vongole which i had cooked using chilled clams. You can also have prawns combined with your Spaghetti al Pesto.

Spaghetti alle Vongole

Here are the other seafood items I tried that evening. I started with fresh lobsters and fresh scallops which I had cooked in butter and garlic.

Grilled Lobsters and Scallops in Butter-Garlic Sauce

Here is my version of Surf & Turf where by combining US Ribeye Steak and Tiger Prawns cooked in sweet-chili sauce.

My Personalized Surf & Turf

Big groups of friends and families can also request for a big platter of assorted seafood items. Just approach any of the chefs or restaurant staff and tell them what you want in your platter and how many people will be sharing it.

Chef Gilles Galli | Executive Sous Chef, Makati Shangri-La Manila

We were lucky because Chef Gilles Galli, Executive Sous Chef of Makati Shangri-La Manila, was present at Circles Event Cafe during our visit. Despite being busy supervising over the operations of the restaurant, he personally prepared and plated this beautiful seafood platter for our group. It was simply too beautiful to be eaten.

Customized Seafood Platter

Just like in any buffet, we end the meal with desserts. In my case, dessert is divided into two part. First, I start with assorted fresh fruits to cleans my palate with all the flavorful taste of the dishes I ate. My favorite were the super sweet oranges.

Assorted Fresh Fruits

Finally, I ended my meal with selected cakes and pastries, mostly chocolate based, and pairing them with coffee. There is simply no better way to end a buffet than with coffee, don't you think?

The Lobster & Seafood Shack buffet is priced at P2,600.00 net and is available for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays (6:00pm to 10:30pm, and lunch on Sundays (12:00nn to 2:30pm). This dining promotion is available from September 9 to October 30, 2016 only.

When dining at Circles Event Cafe, don't forget to provide your Golden Circle (GC) Membership Number upon payment to earn GC Award Points. You can then redeem these GC Award Points to pay, in full or in part, your future dining bills at any participating Shangri-La restaurants around the world. If you are not yet a member of the Golden Circle, you can join here for free.

Superior Room | Makati Shangri-La Manila

To reserve a table at Circles Event Café, you can call them at +63 (02) 814-2580 or email them at rric.slm@shangri-la.com. You can also book your seats online via bit.ly/CirclesBookATable. Elevate your Makati Shangri-La Experience by combining this sumptuous seafood buffet feast with a luxurious weekend Staycation at Makati Shangri-La Manila.

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