August 16, 2018

No.8 China House at Grand Hyatt Manila

No.8 China House at Grand Hyatt Manila

No.8 China House is the premium Chinese restaurant of the newly opened Grand Hyatt Manila. With a team of seven chefs from Mainland China, the restaurant is one of the very few Chinese restaurants in Manila that serves authentic Chinese cuisine.

No.8 China House at Grand Hyatt Manila

After traveling to China several times, I understand how important freshness is to the quality of Chinese food. Here at No.8 China House, guests can witness how dishes are prepared fresh by the wok chefs stationed at the restaurant's show kitchens, which in itself are a unique feature of this restaurant.

No.8 China House at Grand Hyatt Manila

No.8 China House is also one of the most spacious Chinese restaurants in Manila with plenty of dining tables of various sizes available at the main dining area. The best spots are the tables next to the floor to ceiling glass wall windows. No.8 China House also has private dining rooms which can accommodate groups of eight to twenty persons.

No.8 China House at Grand Hyatt Manila

No.8 China House serves various regional Chinese cuisines with string focus on Cantonese, Fujian, Beijing and Sichuan cuisines. Here are some of the dishes we were able to sample at No.8 China House.

We started our lunch with two of our favorite of dim sum items. First to be served was the Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumplings (siumai). They were plump, firm and juicy. The size is quite average and the taste is very authentic just how I remember siumai served in high end restaurants in Guangzhou.

Next to be served were the Shrimp Dumplings (har gow). They were generously filled with shrimps which tasted very fresh. The wrapper has the perfect thickness and firmness, with the shrimps visible through the skin. Picking up a dumpling was effortless as the wrapper did not stick to the paper lining.

We also ordered Baked Barbecued Pork Buns. The crust was very crispy with a well balanced sweetness and saltiness. The inside was moist and was generously filled with barbecued pork. Two pieces of this is very filling already.

For our soup, we had the Double Boiled Chicken Broth with Assorted Mushrooms. The broth was thickened and had a delicate chicken flavor with hints of earthiness from the mushrooms. Shredded chicken and mushrooms were added to give it texture.

Looking through the selection of rice and noodle dishes, we found the Wok-fried Flat Rice Noodle with Beef Tenderloin very interesting. The noodles had a sweet soy and smokey flavor which matches the flavor of the beef. The noodles are very filling so we just tried a small portion of this dish and had most of it wrapped to go. I actually ate the rest for dinner that day.

I have been searching for a restaurant in Manila that serves authentic tasting Sichuan cuisine, the way I remember it from my trips to China, and I was happy that I finally found that place right here at Grand Hyatt Manila. We ordered the less filling dish Mapo Tofu. We really enjoyed the lip numbing yet not extremely spicy flavor of this dish.

No.8 China House Peking Duck

Finally, we came to the highlight of our meal. Our main reason for visiting No.8 China House is their famed Traditional Peking Duck. After being slowly roasted for 60 minutes in a wood-fired oven, the peking duck was carved next to our table by a specially trained chef.

First served on our table was the crispy duck skin which are traditionally dipped in sugar. Next to be served was the carved duck breast meat which went well with the ginger sauce. Finally, The carved meat from the leg and thigh were served together with steamed pancakes.

In my honest opinion, this is the best Peking Duck I have tried so far in Manila in terms of quality, authenticity in taste and presentation and value for money. I hope the quality will not change and I will definitely keep coming back to No.8 China House for the Peking Duck.

No.8 China House Grand Dessert Platter

Already full from all the dim sum and peking duck we had, we then had to deal with this No.8 China House Grand Dessert Platter. It consisted of mango pudding, matcha cheesecake, coconut ice cream, coconut jelly, osmanthus jelly, steamed wheat bun with custard, and a variety of fresh fruits, all beautifully served in a bamboo box with flowing fog.

There are so much more dishes to try from the menu. I still want to try some of the fish dishes, including the abalone, lobster and grouper dishes. A customer also recommended to us the steamed fish head which I was able to try and enjoy in Changsha (Hunan, China). One visit to No.8 China House is definitely not enough. Bookmark this article and keep checking for updates.

No.8 China House
5F Grand Hyatt Manila
8th Avenue corner 35th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Contact: +63 (02) 838 1234
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Operation Hours: Lunch 11:30am to 2:30pm / Dinner 6:00pm to 10:00pm