Guidelines on Staycation under the COVID-19 Pilot Alert Levels System

Department of Tourism Administrative Order No. 2021-007

The Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) today released the updated guidelines for hotels staycations under the pilot COVID-19 Alert Levels System currently enforced in Metro Manila and select provinces, cities, and municipalities.

Areas where Staycation is Permitted
  • Permitted only in areas under Alert Level 4, Alert Level 3, GCQ, and GCQ with Heightened Restrictions.
  • For avoidance of doubt, leisure stay in eligible accommodation establishments in areas under Alert Levels 2 and 1, and MGCQ is permitted, and the same shall not be considered staycation under these Guidelines.

Eligible Accommodation Establishments
  • Only Regular and Multiple-Use Hotels may accommodate guests for Staycation, subject to compliance with all the conditions stated below:
    1. Must neither be used as Isolation Facilities nor Quarantine Hotels for repatriated OFWs or returning overseas Filipinos or as quarters for health workers. If the Accommodation Establishment was previously utilized for these purposes or has previously accommodated guests who are COVID-19 positive, proof of sanitation and disinfection shall be submitted to the Regional Office concerned.
    2. Multiple-Use hotels must have been approved by both DOT and BOQ/DOH as compliant with the physical standards for the separation of quarantine and non quarantine guests.
    3. At least a four (4) Star Rating by the DOT for Accommodation Establishments in Metro Manila.
    4. Have been granted by the DOT the following certificates:
      • Certificate of Authority to Operate for Staycations (CAOS); and
      • Safety Seal Certificate under the Safety Seal Certification Program

On-Site Capacity
  • Eligible AEs may operate at up to 100% On-Site Capacity to accommodate bookings of Staycation guests.
  • Provided that the level of On-Site Capacity to be adopted by an AE shall be determined by its management.
  • Provided further that employees physically reporting to work are fully vaccinated.

Venue Capacity
  • Staycation Hotels may accommodate Staycation guests at up to 100% of the Venue Capacity.

Permitted Guests; Vaccination or Testing Requirement
  • Individuals of ALL ages except those coming from areas under Granular Lockdown, Alert Level 5, those under mandatory quarantine, and those unable to quarantine in their households, are permitted to go on Staycation in Staycation Hotels, subject to the presentation of any of the following:
    • Vaccination Card; or
    • Swab or saliva-based RT-PCR test conducted within forty-eight (48) hours prior to checkin.
  • The testing requirement shall apply notwithstanding the absence of such requirement by the LGU as a condition for entry into their borders.
  • Participants in permitted events held in Staycation Hotels who meet the above conditions are also allowed to check-in, provided that they have a confirmed booking and registration in the event.

Territorial Limitation and Point-to-Point Travel
  • Guests may Staycation in AEs located only in the same region as their residence, subject to the regulations of the LGUS concerned.
  • Staycation guests crossing municipal, city, or provincial boundaries shall be strictly under Point To-Point travel arrangement.

LGU Restrictions
  • The LGU where the Staycation Hotel is located may impose additional reasonable, requirements for inbound guests crossing municipal, city, or provincial boundaries, such as negative RT-PCR test result or proof of full vaccination for all individuals, regardless of age group.

Permitted Ancillary Establishments
  • The following facilities may operate in Staycation Hotels for both in-house and non-billeted guests:
    1. Restaurants and other food and beverage outlets, excluding bars;
    2. Gyms;
    3. Swimming Pools; and
    4. Ballrooms, function halls, and other venues for the conduct of Essential meetings and Social Events subject to the guidelines under DOT-DTI Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2021-001 or its subsequent amendments.


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