Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

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Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Swissôtel Clark is hosting a Swiss Food Festival this whole month of August in celebration of Swiss National Day 2022. From 1 to 31 August 2022, classic and traditional Swiss dishes and desserts will take center stage at Markt, Swissôtel Clark's European all-day dining restaurant.

Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Featured Swiss dishes include Rösti with Sausage, Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, Älplermagronen, Soupe de Chalet, Schnitzel Cordon Bleu, Raclette, and Cheese Fondue. From the dessert station, make sure you try the Swiss Chocolate Cake and the Engadine Nut Torte. Please note that this is not a buffet.

Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

The ice cream station will also showcase Swiss-inspired gelato and sherbet flavors. Below are some of the dishes and desserts I tried when I visited Swissôtel Clark during this year's Swiss Food Festival.

Soupe de Chalet at the Soupe de Chalet at the Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Soupe de Chalet - This soup dish is made with potatoes and onions cooked in vegetable broth with milk, double cream and grated Gruyère cheese. The soup has a light creamy, oniony, and buttery taste.

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu at the Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu - This traditional Swiss cordon blue is made with thinly pounded pork, ham, and cheese, coated with batter and breading, and finally fried until golden brown.

Rösti with Sausage at the Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Rösti with Sausage - Rösti is a pan-fried potato cake with texture similar to hash browns. This is served with Swiss cervelat sausage as well as sour cream and onion sauce on the side. This dish is also available with fried egg.

Raclette at the Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Raclette - This is one of the most popular Swiss dish where Raclette cheese is heated and scraped over potatoes and vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and served with picked and bread.

Swiss Chocolate Cake at the Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Swiss Chocolate Cake - This is Swissôtel's signature cake made of Swiss chocolate. This flour-less cake include eggs, butter, almonds, and hazelnut. It is moist, dense, and crumbly. A slice of this cake is served with strawberries and a scoop of ice cream.

Engadine Nut Torte at the Swiss Food Festival at Swissôtel Clark

Engadine Nut Torte - Save the best for last. This tart is a specialty of the Engadin Valley in Switzerland. It is a simple tarte filled with chopped walnuts with caramel and honey. This dessert is served with a scoop of ice cream.

Accor Plus Member Discounts

Markt Restaurant at Swissôtel Clark

Great news for Accor Plus members. Your Accor Plus Member Discount applies when you order dishes featured in the Swiss Food Festival.

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9 - Accor Plus member plus 8 guests 11.11% 15.00%
10 - Accor Plus member plus 9 or more guests 10.00% 15.00%

Discounts may not be available on certain holidays and blockout dates. You can confirm this with the restaurant when making your reservation.

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