Raffles Makati Opens Mirèio, a new French Dining Destination in Manila

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

Raffles Makati is opening Mirèio, a French brasserie-style restaurant offering Provençal-inspired dishes. It is interesting to note that it was in December of the previous year when Fairmont, Raffles and Swissôtel announced their merger with French multinational AccorHotels group to create a worldwide leader in the luxury hotel segment.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

Before it officially opens on December 12, we were given a preview of Mirèio, pronounced mee-re-yo, in an exclusive dinner prepared by Raffles Makati attended by industry friends from the print and digital media.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

Mirèio is located on the ninth floor of Raffles Makati which is accessible through the elevator right behind the hotel's front office. The restaurant is reminiscent of the interior of the centuries old apartment buildings in Paris with its high ceiling, beige walls and white cornices. Replacing the French windows are the floor to ceiling glass windows that offer a sweeping view of the Makati cityscape.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

Splashes of royal blue and golden yellow (the colors of the flag of Provence) to the couches, pillows and even on the floor, give a strong Provençal touch to the space. The restaurant is also filled with artworks commissioned by Raffles Makati with a theme centered on the everyday life in Provence. The paintings are done in cubist style which gives the restaurant a modern feel.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

The restaurant is named after the celebrated poem by Nobel Prize winning French writer Frédéric Mistral about the forbidden love between Mirèio, a daughter of a rich farmer, and Vincènt. The story is beautifully depicted in an impressive painting displayed at the restaurant's feature wall.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

Our tour of the restaurant led us to Mirèio Terrace for our pre-dinner cocktails. Mirèio Terrace is the restaurant's rooftop bar and lounge which is accessible through a staircase located next to Mirèio's restaurant reception. Mirèio Terrace has an indoor, air-conditioned bar couches and lounges offering a comfortable seating area for guests.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati
Mirèio Terrace | Raffles Makati

Highlight of the Mirèio Terrace is the spectacular view of the Makati cityline from its rooftop lounge. This is the place where you want to unwind after work while enjoying the glorious sunset, or bring your turista friends and impress them with this secret place you recently discovered.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati
Mirèio Terrace | Raffles Makati

Foreign visitors should definitely include the Mirèio Terrace in their itinerary so you can brag your selfies to you friends back home. Not to be missed are the cocktails expertly created by the hotel's mixologists. Our top favorites are the Mirèio and the Mille Neuf Cent Quarante-Sept or simply 1947.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati
Mirèio (L) and Mille Neuf Cent Quarante-Sept (R) | Mirreio Terrace, Raffles Makati

The Mille Neuf Cent Quarante-Sept is a drink named after the year in which France and the Philippines formally established their diplomatic relations. The berry syrup added to the drink represents the symbolic blood compact between the peoples of the two countries, a celebration of Franco-Philippine friendship in a cocktail glass.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

After enjoying a couple of drinks at the rooftop lounge, we were finally led back to the main dining area of Mirèio for the main highlight of the evening, a six-course meal which showcases the flavors of Provence and the French Mediterranean.

Chef Nicolas Cegretin (L) and M. Nicolas Braqc (R) | Image Courtesy of: Raffles Makati

Leading the culinary team of Mirèio is Chef de Cuisine, Chef Nicolas Cegretin. A native of Provence, France, Chef Nicolas Cegretin has impressive culinary experience having worked in Michelin starred restaurants and 5-star hotels in Paris and at the iconic La Mamounia Palace Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. Managing the restaurant is the hotel's Restaurant and Bar Manager, M. Nicolas Braqc, a Parisian with a long professional history with Raffles Singapore, The Peninsula Manila, The Peninsula Paris and now with Raffles Makati.

The cuisine served at Mirèio is best described as nouvelle cuisine where dishes are simple and made with fresh ingredients, combining classic and modern cooking techniques with emphasis on presentation. The overall dining vibe is relaxed, yet warm and friendly.

Beef Tartare with Goat Cheese, Basil and Crispy Bread (front) and Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartare with Granny Smith Apple and Dijon Mustard Cream (back) | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

We started our dinner with a duo of tartare as amuse-bouche. The Beef Tartare with Goat Cheese, Basil and Crispy Bread was already mixed and ready to be eaten. It tasted very fresh with no dominant flavor, while the goat cheese added a creamy taste to the tartare reducing the meaty taste. The Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartare with Granny Smith Apple and Dijon Mustard Cream had a well balanced flavor of sweetness from the fresh salmon and saltiness from the smoked salmon. The cream toned down the strong smokey fish flavor resulting to a well balanced taste.

Roasted Duck Foie Gras, Granny Smith Apples and Ginger Chutney | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

For starter, we had one of the classic French gourmet dishes, the Roasted Duck Foie Gras with Granny Smith Apples and Ginger Chutney. It was lightly seasoned, had a buttery consistency with a bit of firmness which holds the foie gras together. I enjoyed it with focaccia bread. I would also put in a bit of the chutney from time to time to help balance the fatty taste of the liver.

Chilled Zucchini Soup with Basil and Chorizo | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

Next to be served was a soup dish called Chilled Zucchini Soup with Basil and Chorizo. It is a cold soup dish that is very refreshing to the taste and perfect for the tropical climate of Manila. I loved the contrast of leafy and creamy taste of the soup and the smokey taste of the chorizo.

Grilled Skipjack Tuna with Carrot Mousseline, Espuma and Caramel | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

Provençal cuisine is also know for its seafood and this is represented in this meal by the Grilled Skipjack Tuna with Carrot Mousseline, Espuma and Caramel. Chef Nicolas shared that they used high quality carrots locally grown in Tagaytay. It is a very simple dish, but what makes this very interesting are the various elements of the dish made using carrot. The mousseline sauce for instance had pureed carrots. The espuma foam also contained broth from carrots, while the caramel used to garnish the dish was made from caramelized carrot juice.

Slow-cooked Oxtail Parmentier with Black Truffle Jus and Mesclun | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

Chef Nicolas gave a modern twist to this next classic French dish. Instead of diced or minced meat, Chef Nicolas used pulled meat. The Slow-cooked Oxtail Parmentier with Black Truffle Jus and Mesclun was my personal favorite. I particularly loved the way it was served in a copper pot. The oxtail meat way very flavorful while the mashed potato had a crispy crust which beautifully contrasted with the tender meat and soft mashed potato.

Rum Baba with Coconut and Lime Panacotta, Exotic Soup, Mango and Passion Fruit Sherbet | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

Finally for dessert, we had a French dessert cake called Rum Baba given an Asian twist by served it on a bed of coconut and lime panacotta and drizzled with kiwi fruits in an exotic sauce, and finally topped with mango and passion fruit sherbet. It really captures the delicate taste of the Rum Baba and the sweet and exotic taste of Asia's tropical fruits.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati
Private Dining Room | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

Aside from the main dining area which can accommodate 77 guests, Mirèio also has a private dining room which is perfect for a group of 10 diners such as families or business groups.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati
Mirèio Boardroom | Mirèio, Raffles Makati

The Mirèio Boardroom on the other hand is a fully equipped meeting space for up to 14 persons. It is perfect venue for off-site meetings, strategic plannings, and other corporate functions. There's also the Mirèio Salon which is ideal for pre-dinner cocktails and other private functions.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati
Mirèio Salon | Mireio, Raffles Makati

Mirèio is indeed a welcome addition to the hotel's collection of upscale dining outlets. It makes French cuisine more accessible and puts a friendly face to French dining. Mirèio is definitely a place where you enjoy Provençal and French Mediterranean cuisine any time you feel like it.

Mireio Restaurant Raffles Fairmont Makati

If you are guests staying at Raffles Makati, please note that effective December 12, 2016, you will have a choice of a continental breakfast buffet at Mireio or a full breakfast buffet at Spectrum.

Junior Suite | Raffles Makati

Mirèio is open daily for breakfast (6:00am to 10:30am), lunch (12:00nn to 2:30pm), and dinner (6:00pm to 10:30pm). The Mirèio Terrace is open from 5:00pm to 12:00am. For reservations, you can call +63 (02) 795-0707 or email them at mireio.makati@raffles.com.

9th Floor, Raffles Makati
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Contact: +63 (02) 795 0777

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