Eight Degrees South at Conrad Bali

Eight Degrees South Restaurant at Conrad Bali

Eight Degrees South is the beachfront al-fresco restaurant of Conrad Bali serving Mediterranean cuisine made with the choice cuts of meats and the freshest seafood. Eight Degrees South is also one of the most awarded restaurants in Bali, making it a dining destination within the resort.

Eight Degrees South Restaurant at Conrad Bali

Eight Degrees South is open daily for lunch and dinner. Guests can choose among various dining settings near the beach or near the poolside. There are also pavilions which can be booked for private dining functions.

Days Schedule Price*
Lunch Daily 11:30am-05:00pm a la carte
Dinner Daily 06:00pm-11:00pm a la carte


Eight Degrees South Restaurant at Conrad Bali

During my recent stay at Conrad Bali, I chose to have dinner at Eight Degrees South on my second night. The ocean was a bit calm that evening, creating a calming beach wave sound. The cool breeze blowing through the restaurant also created a relaxing dining atmosphere.

Salad by Eight Degrees South Restaurant at Conrad Bali

To start my meal, I ordered a fresh garden salad consisting of an assortment of salad greens as well as fresh asparagus tips, tomatoes and pealed oranges. It has a sweet and refreshing vinaigrette dressing and topped with poached egg.

Grilled Seafood by Eight Degrees South Restaurant at Conrad Bali

For my main dish, the staff recommended that I try one of their best-sellers. This platter consists of a variety of grilled seafood such as lobster, prawns, mussels and fish. It was served with buttered vegetables and a cream-based sauce on the side.

Finally for dessert, I had a classic Italian dessert called panna cotta which is then mixed with local Balinese fruits and flavors such as mangosteen, chamomile, frangipani-mint jelly and coconut jack fruit ice cream. For my drink, I ordered the iced lemongrass tea which was very fragrant and refreshing.

Eight Degrees South Restaurant at Conrad Bali

Overall, I enjoyed my time here at Eight Degrees South. The beach-front vibe plus the intimate dining setting makes it ideal for couples and families. Mediterranean is always a good choice for dinner, especially when fresh seafood is available in abundance. The staff were also fun to chat with. You can feel that they are genuinely interested in having a conversation with you. They also make fantastic recommendations.

Eight Degrees South
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