Suku Restaurant at Conrad Bali

Suku Restaurant at Conrad Bali

Suku Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant at Conrad Bali specializing in regional Indonesian as well as Asian cuisines. Suku Restaurant is located in the main wing of Conrad Bali and is easily accessible from the resort's lobby and swimming pools.

Suku Restaurant at Conrad Bali

The restaurant has a spacious indoor dining area with plenty of tables that can comfortably seat small and big groups of diners. The restaurant recently underwent renovation and now features a modern interior with design elements inspired by local Balinese fabrics

Suku Restaurant at Conrad Bali

Suku Restaurant is the main restaurant of Conrad Bali, and is open daily for buffet breakfast, as well as a la carte lunch and dinner.

Days Schedule Price*
Breakfast Daily 07:00am-10:30am buffet ►
Lunch Daily 12:00pm-05:00pm a la carte
Dinner Daily 06:00pm-11:00pm a la carte


The buffet breakfast at Conrad Bali consists of an international buffet spread, plus unlimited servings of dishes from the breakfast a la carte menu as well as free-flowing coffee, tea and juices. Read more ►


Krupuk & Emping with Sambal, Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali
Krupuk & Emping with Sambal | Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali

When I dined at Suku Restaurant, I decided to have Balinese cuisine for dinner. The restaurant's staff gave me their personal recommendations, making it easier for me to choose what to order. While waiting for my food, I was served with a bowl of krupuk and emping together with two types of sambal.

Ayam Pelalah by Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali
Ayam Pelalah | Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali

For starter, I had the Ayam Pelalah which is a traditional Balinese shredded chicken dish which the restaurant fashioned into fresh spring rolls. The spicy shredded chicken comes with lettuce and cucumber and then wrapped in rice paper. It is then served with fresh green salad, dressed with Balinese spicy salsa and tomato chili sambal on the side.

Ayam Betutu by Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali
Ayam Betutu | Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali

For the main course, I had my favorite Balinese dish, the Ayam Betutu which is a traditional Balinese dish made of chicken marinated in an assortment of spices, wrapped in banana leaf and then steamed until cooked. The chicken was very tender and flavorful, and was served with rice and lawar (Balinese green beans salad). The Ayam Betutu also came with a serving of soup which can either be enjoyed on it own, or (in my case) can be pour over the rice.

For dessert, I had a rice-based Balinese delicacy called Bubur Injin. It is traditionally served as a sweetened black rice porridge which the restaurant thickened into a rice cake consistency and served with coconut cream, compressed pineapples and topped with a coconut-kefir lime sorbet. It was filling and refreshing, and perfect for the tropical weather of Bali.

Bubur Injin by Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali
Bubur Injin | Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali

To end the evening, I ordered a Balinese version of my favorite mojito drink. Called Lemongrass Mojito, the drink is made of rum, sweet and sour, ginger ale, and flavored with fresh lime, brown sugar and lemongrass stalks.

Lemongrass Mojito by Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali
Lemongrass Mojito | Suku Restaurant, Conrad Bali

Overall, I had a great time dining here at Suku Restaurant. I love Balinese food. In fact, food is one of my primary motivation to visit Bali. I was happy to be reunited with the flavors of Balinese cuisine. My dining experience was further enhanced by the attentive customer service in the restaurant.

Suku Restaurant
Conrad Bali, Jalan Pratama 168, Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62-361-778788
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