Breakfast at HEAT, Edsa Shangri-La Manila

New Normal Update: Hotel Breakfast

If you are staying at Edsa Shangri-La Manila on a breakfast-inclusive rate, your breakfast will be served at HEAT Restaurant, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant. While the Horizon Club Lounge remains closed during General Community Quarantine (GCQ), Horizon Club Room and Suite guests, as well as Golden Circle Jade and Diamond members, can also enjoy their breakfast benefit at HEAT.

Health & Safety Protocols

Below are the most important health and safety protocols implemented at HEAT:

  • Your body temperature will be read at the restaurant reception before you are allowed to enter.
  • You are required to wear a facemask and face shield when entering the restaurants.
  • Safe physical distancing is strictly implemented.
  • Face-to-face dining is not allowed, even among family members.
  • Dining utensils are wrapped in table napkins.
  • Alcohol wet wipes and facemask envelopes are provided to guests.
  • The dining staff is required to wear a facemask, face shield, and gloves.
  • Dishes are covered with a cloche when being served to guests.

Set Breakfast is served here at HEAT, except during holidays and long weekends when Buffet Breakfast may be served. Breakfast is available daily from 6:00am to 10:30am. Walk-in guests are also welcome to dine for breakfast.

Below are the five Breakfast Sets you can choose from:

  • The Continental Breakfast Set - assorted seasonal fresh fruit platter, bakery basket of plain croissant, Danish pastry, muffin, chocolate croissant, your choice of toasted bread with butter, jam, and honey
  • The American Breakfast Set - assorted seasonal fresh fruit platter, bakery basket (plain croissant, Danish pastry, muffin, chocolate croissant), choice of yoghurt, bircher muesli, granola, or cereals, plus your choice of
    • fresh eggs cooked to your liking served with either chicken sausage, pork sausage, pork bacon, or ham with grilled tomato and hash browns, OR
    • American buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, vanilla sauce, and mascarpone cream
  • The Filipino Almusal - two fried eggs cooked to your liking, with your choice of beef tapa, pork longganisa, pork tocino or boneless bangus, a basket of savory pandesal, soft roll, and sweet ensaymada
  • The Guilt-Free Breakfast Set - assorted seasonal fresh fruit platter, homemade Bircher muesli with yogurt, oatmeal, apple, and honey, two poached eggs served with asparagus, baked beans, grilled tomato, a basket of whole wheat bread
  • The Keto Set - two eggs cooked to your liking, accompanied with sliced avocado, olives, crispy bacon, chicken breast, asparagus, and your choice of vegetable.

All breakfast sets come with your choice of chilled juice and hot beverage:

  • Chilled Juices - orange, pineapple, mango, apple, guava, or tomato
  • Hot Beverages - brewed coffee, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, hot tea, or hot chocolate

The Filipino Almusal

I tried The Filipino Almusal during one of my stays in November 2020. I started my breakfast with a basket of pandesal, soft roll, and sweet ensaymada which I paired with cappuccino. Butter and jams were also provided.

Highlight of this breakfast set is the silóg which is a traditional Filipino breakfast consisting of garlic rice, fried eggs, and your choice of fried meat dish. I opted for fried boneless bangus (milkfish). The fish was perfectly seasoned, and it was fried until the crust was crispy. Other choices are beef tapa, pork longganisa, and pork tocino. I paired this dish with orange juice.

The American Breakfast Set

I tried The American Breakfast Set during one of my stays in December 2020. First to be served was the bakery basket consisting of plain croissant, Danish pastry, muffin, chocolate croissant. I paired the pastries with caffe latte.

I was also asked to choose between yogurt and breakfast cereals. I opted for Granola with full-cream milk. Other choices were bircher muesli and corn flakes.

Ordering buttermilk pancakes would mean carbs overload, and so I opted to have pork sausages instead. It was served with two eggs cooked to your liking, hash browns, and grilled tomato. Other protein options include chicken sausage, pork bacon, and breakfast ham.

I ended my breakfast with a platter of sliced fruits, including honeydew melon, orange, and pineapple. I had a glass of chilled orange juice to wash down all the savory flavors.

Breakfast Buffet

It was a long weekend during my most recent stay at Edsa Shangri-La Manila, and due to the high occupancy rate, guests were able to enjoy breakfast buffet at HEAT instead of the usual breakfast sets. Although not as extensive as pre-pandemic times, there are more than enough Western and Filipino breakfast options available.

To ensure food safety and sanitation, a managed buffet system is implemented at HEAT. The buffet is divided into three stations: Western Station, Filipino Station, Egg Station. Just like before, you can enjoy unlimited servings of your favorite dishes from the buffet. 

Here is my plate of English breakfast with items available from the Western Station. I had pork sausage, chicken sausage, hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomato, and buttered vegetables. Bacon, breakfast ham, and corned beef are also available.

From the Filipino Station, I got the beef tapa, pork longganisa, checken adobo, and garlic fried rice, and scrambled eggs. Other items available were boneless bangus, champorado, arroz caldo, and an assortment of kakanin (local rice cakes).

Served table-side are freshly baked bread and pastries, breakfast cereals, as well as sliced fresh fruits. Hot beverages and chilled juices are also included in the buffet.

HEAT Restaurant
Lobby Level, Edsa Shangri-La Manila
1 Garden Way, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: +63 (02) 8633-8888
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