November 18, 2021

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada ManilaJapanese Fine Dining Restaurant in Metro Manila, Philippines

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila

Japanese Kappou Imamura is a fine dining restaurant at Okada Manila where guests can order a multi-course meal consisting of dishes made with premium seasonal ingredients. Guests can likewise order individual dishes from the a la carte menu. The restaurant is a concept by Michelin-starred chef Hirofumi Imamura.

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday | 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Reservation: +63 (02) 8555 5799
Note: Operating hours are subject to change. Please contact the restaurant to confirm the schedule.

COVID-19 Updates

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila

Please take note that the government may impose restrictions on the restaurant's seating capacity as well as vaccination and age requirements for diners. Restrictions are subject to change depending on the prevailing COVID-19 Alert Level in Metro Manila. Read the UPDATED Guidelines for Restaurant Dining ►

Dining Venues

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Bar Counter | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The main dining area is divided into two sections. The bar counters allow guests to fully experience kappou restaurant style of dining. Here you can watch the chefs prepare fresh and seasonal ingredients and cook your dishes in front of you.

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Window-side Table | Japanese Kappou Imamura

There are window-side tables ideal for small groups. I personally prefer the table next to the courtyard exit door. The restaurant is well air-conditioned so it doesn't get warm even at noontime.

Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Private Dining Room | Japanese Kappou Imamura

Japanese Kappou Imamura also has a private dining room that can accommodate 6 to 8 persons. As of my recent visit, you can book the private room for a group of at least four persons. The restaurant doesn't require a minimum spend to book the private room. This is subject to change so please check with the restaurant first.

Set Menu

Ichijugosai by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Ichijugosai | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The best way to experience Japanese Kappou Imamura is to order one of its set menus. I recommend the Ichijugosai, a multi-course meal that includes a seasonal appetizer, sashimi, simmered chicken with vegetables, grilled seasonal fish, assorted tempura, rice, miso soup, and a choice of dessert.

Chikuzenni (simmered chicken with vegetables) | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The simmered chicken was very tender and had a well-balanced sweetness and saltines while the daikon, carrots, beans, and shiitake mushrooms absorbed all the rich umami of the chicken.

Assorted Tempura | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The Ichijugosai comes with a selection of three tempura including one shrimp tempura and two seasonal vegetable tempura. The shrimp was very tender and tasted fresh while the vegetables were perfectly cooked to retain their natural sweetness and texture.

Sashimi by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Assorted Sashimi | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The selection of sashimi depends on the season and the availability of fresh ingredients. During my visit, they served tuna, salmon, and mackerel. The sushi tasted naturally sweet and fresh.

Black Cod Teriyaki by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Grilled Seasonal Fish & Appetizers | Japanese Kappou Imamura

For my grilled seasonal fish, they served a generous portion of black cod teriyaki with slices of pickled lotus root on the side. There was another seasonal appetizer and pickled vegetables served with the Ichijugosai, together with the miso soup and steamed Japanese rice.

Matcha Ice Cream by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Dessert | Japanese Kappou Imamura

For dessert, I opted for matcha ice cream. Drinks are not included in the set menu. For this meal, I order the in-house iced tea and Coke Zero.

From the A La Carte Menu

Wagyu Udon by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Wagyu Udon | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The Wagyu Udon has a dark but lightly flavored broth. The wheat noodles were thick and flat. The slices of wagyu were fairly thick and the meat was very tender and full of flavor. This is a must-try for beef and udon lovers.

Wagyudon by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Wagyudon | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The Wagyudon is a simple rice bowl meal consisting of steamed Japanese rice topped with thin slices of Wagyu simmered with onion and sweet soy sauce. The meat was very tender and easy to bite. The rice was richly flavored by the juices of the beef and onion.

Tempura by Japanese Kappou Imamura at Okada Manila
Selection of 5 Tempura | Japanese Kappou Imamura

The selection includes two pieces of shrimp tempura, one piece of white fish tempura, one piece of squid tempura, and two pieces of seasonal vegetable tempura. The tempura was perfectly cooked keeping the tender texture of the meat and the crunchiness of the batter.

Japanese Kappou Imamura
Ground Floor, Okada Manila
New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City Complex
Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: +632 8555 5799

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