Top 10 Best-Selling Dishes at Samba (2022)

Top 10 Best-Selling Dishes at Samba, Shangri-La The Fort, ManilaShangri-La The Fort, Manila

Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

This 2022, let's create new dining experiences at Samba by trying dishes outside our usual choices. We are listing here the top ten most ordered dishes at Samba from the previous year. These tried and tested dishes will surely not disappoint.

Note: Ranking as provided by Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

1. Piqueo Tres Ceviches

Piqueo Tres Ceviches by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

A great introduction to Peruvian cuisine, this trio of ceviches celebrates Peru's bountiful harvest from the seas and from the mountains: (L-R) scallops and shrimp ceviche with ají amarillo cream, mixed seafood ceviche with classic leche de tigre, and grouper ceviche in rocoto leche de tigre.

2. Ceviche Limeño

Ceviche Limeño by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

A seafood medly of grouper, shrimp, octopus, scallops, and calamari with leche de tigre, red onion, coriander sprouts, and cancha corn. The ceviche also comes with sweet potato. I love the contrast of textures and the blending of tarness and sweetness.

3. Empanadas de Lomo

Empanadas de Lomo by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

These baked puff pastries are filled with chunks of braised US prime beef tenderloin. The puff pastry is moist and flaky while the beef is tender and rich in flavor. The rocoto chimichurri salsa brightens and balances all the flavors. This is my favorite appetizer here at Samba.

4. Parihuela

Parihuela by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

This Peruvian seafood-based stew includes fish, shrimp, octopus, scallop, clams, and crab meat, seasoned with Peruvian panca pepper and fresh cilantro. Served warm, this spicy and savory soup is very comforting.

5. Anticucho de Pulpo

Anticucho de Pulpo by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

A Peruvian-style grilled octopus that is flavored with ají panca (Peruvian red pepper) and served with roasted potatoes and ocopa sauce on the side. The flavors are very festive and that sauce actually goes very well with any grilled dishes.

6. Chicharrón de Calamar

Chicharrón de Calamar by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

Fried squid is a very popular appetizer around the world. This Peruvian version will surely satisfy you with its tender slices of calamari wrapped in a crispy golden crust. It is the perfect pairing for ice-cold beer or your favorite cocktail.

7. Arroz con Mariscos

Arroz con Mariscos by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

This seafood rice dish is cooked in a rich tomato-pepper sauce seasoned with paprika creole. The dish comes with calamari, octopus, shrimps, and scallops, and finally garnished with parmesan cheese shavings and fresh cilantro. The dish can serve 2-3 persons. This is one of my top favorites here at Samba.

8. Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

This is a signature Chifa (Chinese-Peruvian) dish. It is made with chunks of US prime beef tenderloin stir-fried with tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, and potato wedges, and seasoned with soy sauce. The dish is best paired with steamed rice. This is my favorite Chifa dish. Also one of my most-ordered.

9. Prawns Quinotto

Prawns Quinotto by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

A risotto made with quinoa sourced from Peru. This dish includes calamari and is topped with parmesan cheese, feta cheese, and chargrilled prawns. This is a must-try, especially if you are cutting down on carbs.

10. Pollo a la Brasa

Pollo a la Brasa by Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

Grilled free-range chicken seasoned with Peruvian cumin-garlic, cilantro, and aji panca, and served on a sizzling plate with roasted baby potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and pumpkin. This dish has a generous portion size and can be shared by two to three persons. A crowd-pleaser.

Samba at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila

Which ones are your favorites? Which ones you will try next? Which dishes do you think should be included in this list? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. As of today, I already tried 7 out of the 10 dishes. I should dine this week to try the Ceviche Limeño, the Parihuela, and the Chicharrón de Calamar.

  2. Yesterday's visit to Samba was a success. I had a seafood themed lunch with the Ceviche Limeño, the Parihuela, and the Chicharrón de Calamar. Tried these three dishes for the first time and as always, I enjoyed my meal here at Samba. I wish I could have ordered more, but I will save that for the next visit.